Sapien "Duo" Hybrid Shorts

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Unique shorts from new athletics brand Sapien Apparel. Their "Duo" Hybrid shorts combine stretchy compression shorts with an ultra-lightweight exterior layer.

The flexible outer layer is cut well above-the-knee and with a simple straight hem, minimalist in design other than a black-on-black 3-D rubberized logo. The contrasting dark grey waistband features an elasticated rear band and uninterrupted front band. No bulky velcro or closures necessary. Aided by an internal drawstring.

Interior layer is an attached sublimated blend (high-stretch poly/spandex) that runs from fully the waist to above the knee. Essentially you're getting a pair of compression shorts and a pair of shorter athletic trunks, all-in-one. Designed to provide consistent compression.

Go with your normal shorts size. Tapered and highly flexible compression layer will correspond accordingly.