93brand "Standard Issue 2.0" Women's Blue Jiu Jitsu Gi

  • 375 GSM Pro Pearl Weave Jacket
  • 9 oz Twill Pants
  • Angled side vents
  • Improved & reshaped knee paneling
  • Updated lower lapel silhouette
  • Two-ply lower skirt panel
  • Updated drawstring loop dimensions

Standard Issue, part two! Slightly lightly fabrics, but with some upgrades. Thoroughly preshrunk and washed, meaning shrinkage will be on par with 93brand's higher-end BJJ Gis. The new weaves are a touch lighter on the scales, but more tightly woven and significantly more resistant to shrinkage... plus the extended knee panel and doubled up skirt paneling will ensure your Standard Issue is still plenty ready for hard sessions. And, of course, 93brand kept it all crispy clean: Blue fabrics, blue stitching, no contrast accents or threads, not a single exterior patch or branding.