Tatami "Dragon Fly" Women's Spats

$39.99 $59.99

Original artwork. Durable fabrics. Detailed graphics. What more do you want!? And to back it all up, the reputation of the premier UK fight brand.

Tatami Fightwear and Meerkatsu have added another piece to the Dragon Fly product line: spats. Constructed from stretchy polyspandex fabric with durable flatlock seams and beautifully done illustrations. Great for under your fight shorts, worn on their own, or under the Gi in the Winter.

The Dragon Fly V2 Spats are as detailed and well thought out as all of Meerkatsu's designs, but we particularly love the subtle details on the left leg illustration. What is ostensibly just a samurai's headgear, upon a closer look very much resembles the distinct shape and texture of the dragonfly's wings... as depicted on the left leg. This and other small, virtually unnoticeable details are what make Meerkatsu's work some of the very best out there. Of course, these illustrations as well as the night sky backdrop are all executed with the finest sublimation process. Guaranteed to resist fading, peeling, and cracking no matter how much you train and wash.