93brand V5 Women's Grappling Underwear 2-PACK (2022 Pocket Edition)


93brand's grappling underwear are back in a new colorway, with new colorways and updated raised rubberized branding. The same quality expected from their versatile mock-mesh underwear, with the stretch waistband reverting to the standard soft jacquard used throughout most iterations (the most recent colorway used a thicker covered waistband which has been abandoned, in favor of the previous stretchier and more pliable style).

These new colorways showcase the added pocket, tucked at the right thigh, just outside the bend of the front of your hip (so you won't feel stiff ID/cards when sitting). A great feature for training (IBJJF ID, mouth guard, etc) or casual wear (cash at the beach, smuggling extra toothpaste onto the airplane, etc).

Exterior woven label at the rear waist means there are no scratch tags or labels to bug you.

Women's styles ride up higher in the back, and a new feature starting with this edition is that the women's center-seam is modified to minimize any potential discomfort along the groin.

The main waffled fabric strikes a great balance of flexibility, breathability, and compression. Flexible flatlock seams.

Size Guide (waist size)
S: 90-110 lbs
M: 110-125 lbs
L: 125-145 lbs
XL: 145-165 lbs
2XL: 165-185 lbs
Note: These are cut with a compression fit. If you prefer a more relaxed fit, it's safe to go one size up.