Venum "Contender" BJJ Gi - Blue

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The newer Venum BJJ gear is really impressing us. They've put a lot of effort and development into their latest line of BJJ kimonos, resulting in very well-made gear at a great price point. The Contender is first on that list, featuring a reliable 350 GSM Pearl weave fabric that breathes and moves nicely as you train. Their new hard-wearing twill cotton pants feel amazing... They move and bend with you, without compromising their overall integrity. Accents and trim are kept to a very tasteful minimum, using one contrast color throughout the Gi. No big flashy logos or gaudy colors.

There's no shortage of reinforcement stitching or knee padding, so you can be sure that your new Venum Gi will hold up to the stresses of Jiu Jitsu training no matter who you are. If it's good enough for Rodolfo Vieira and Leandro Lo, it's good enough for us!!